My Life

I live a normal life and that is the root of my problems. I would understand my mental problems if my life was full of hardship but my life is easy and requires me to only go to school get good grades and be good at my sport. I want to go to medical school and become a surgeon but the pressure I place upon myself has always led me to want to kill myself. My penis is small and im 6'4". I weird although Im outgoing. I have lots of friends but I feel lonely everyday. I enjoy cutting myself when im sad. I wish I can just cut my penis is because it cause of my saddness. I know that the penis is the worst part of me. I watch **** where the guy has a big penis so i can imagine that me having sex. Im a virgin and I know ill die one. a girl laughed at my size and it make me want to cut. I hate my body and my life
tye5ty tye5ty
18-21, M
Jan 18, 2013