Loving The Lostlings

I wasn't sure, when I married, about many things -- how I'd like moving to Texas from Chicago, where I'd work, etc.-- but I knew my husband and I were incredibly compatible. I was surprised to find that he is even more susceptible to the plights of animals than I. Believe me, that's hard to do! We have chosen to live in country homes, where so many people drop off their pets as if they had never made the commitment to love, protect, shelter and feed them. Nature isn't cruel; nature is just natural. It takes a human being to be cruel. In the 12 years we've been together, we have rescued and fostered dozens
of cats and dogs. We've called in the authorities where needed. We've cried for the hopeless cases, held kittens in our arms
as they died because we got to them too late, used vacation money to pay for emergency vet care, used our resources to care for the furry family members other people threw away. We've found
loving homes for about 50 animals now, in addition to our own horde. And we are proud to be raising two members of the next generation of decent human beings who believe that, as Stewards of this world, it is our duty to care for our fellow creatures -- at the very least, it is incumbent upon us to do no harm. My 9 year old son gives us many reasons for pride, but the best
of those was when he asked if we would mind if, rather than buy the massive Lego set he had worked to earn for three months, he could instead donate all that money to the local no-kill rescue & shelter.
SleepyMom SleepyMom
41-45, F
3 Responses Feb 13, 2010

What a nice thing to say, SB! Thank you. Yes, we are tremendously proud of him. He's a kind person and animals and little kids love him. Does a parent proud!

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