Done My Fair Share Of Work, Got Plenty Of Other Things To Do, Places To See

I enjoy my job & working.
It's just that it takes up too much time & I've got plenty of other things I like doing.
As years go by it just seems to get worse with mobile phones & laptops & broadband you're never out of reach.
After over 30 years in continuous employment I figure I've earned it.
A few years back employers were pensioning off people of my age with out blinking an eye.
Now with pension black holes & the debt crises they are not that willing.
But I'm looking for the chance to get in a few extra years for myself which nobody can take away.
pyramus pyramus
56-60, M
4 Responses Oct 7, 2010

Yepp Zzz this type of technology is a double edges sword.<br />
All the new 'gizmo' can make work seem very dynamic, exciting & buzzy & they tell you its gonna make your job easier & help you with your work life balance.<br />
But the other side of the coin is if you're not careful you end up being bombarded 24/7, up to your neck in work, with no escape (e mails, phone calls, text messages & there's even the odd fax machine still chugging away in the background).<br />
When you're trying to get some peace & quiet you start feeling like a U boat commander in an old war movie lying on the bottom, holding your breath, sweaty brow, creaking body, listening to the enemy sonar pinging away overhead.<br />
Just got to make it to a that neutral country .. Retirementland....yeah!!!

Its funny my line manager thinks my next phone should be a Blackberry shes loves the fact they great for picking up your emails .. yh rite like i need that 24/7 .. Lol

I'm sure we're not alone burstin2go. Lots of folks who are 50 plus & in long term employment must feel the same way as us right now.<br />
I sympathise if you're stuck in a job which you really hate. When I was younger I found myself in roles which I detested & worked for people who wanted to boss me around all day. It made my working life so much more intolerable & I was forever having to bite my tongue.<br />
Fortunately I've got a pretty good occupational pension scheme with an option to start drawing it at 60 ( Its was closed to new entrants ages ago of course & the latest version is poorer terms & ba<x>sed on going on to 65..I pity the youngsters, hope they don't end up turning on our generation over being left in the **** ). <br />
I guess its got to the stage when I could tell my employers to stick their job & survive on my savings until I get to 60.. but when they're gone they're gone. While I'm still working I'm adding to my savings stash & pension pot.<br />
At our age you start seriously wondering about how long you're going to live for & what state of health you end up in.<br />
If at 92, I want to take my young mistress for a dirty weekend in Monte Carlo or go treking in the Hymalayas & I can't afford it , I'll probably be cursing myself for not staying on at work a bit longer. <br />
But if they send for a priest to give me the Last Rites at 61 I'll be thinking oh **** should have jacked in the job a lot sooner!!!

I feel almost the same as you, ans especially so about the 'deals' which have disappeared in recent years. Back in the '80s when I worked in a drawing office, they offered early retirement deals to anyone over 50! Fat chance of that today. <br />
The main difference I have to you is that I detest my job and have really had enough. I only go there because the pay is good and I cannot yet afford to retire. <br />
If I could, I would tell them where to stick the job in short order, and it would be a dark place......... I have truly had enough of being ordered around to places I don't want to go, to do things that I don't want to do. 38 years this weekend since I started 'proper work', that's too long!

Hugs *G* .. it wont last forever ;)