Set the Controls For Pegasus!!!!

I have ridden on the back of a Pegasus, but I was an infant. I don't remember much except that the sky is a BIG place and stars have cargo...The most imprtant thing to remember if you get the chance to ride is that the Pegasus likes you to be in control-he is the servant of your imagination!!!!!!
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Thanks, MR. I'm still waiting for take off. Wanna go? I've got plenty of room.

thanks, Artsy :-)

Thanks, Simon.

Poet Willie! poet Willie, gie the Doctor a volley,<br />
Wi' your "Liberty's Chain" and your wit;<br />
O'er Pegasus' side ye ne'er laid a stride,<br />
Ye but smelt, man, the place where he ****.: <br />
<br />
Robert Burns; The Kirk's Alarm

I think you might be right about that! Thanks for the comment!

hoping, wishing, dreaming, not so far off from one another. if you look up imagination in the dictionary, nowhere does it say 'not real'. ;)<br />
<br />
Btw, a pet Phoenix beats out a dinosaur any day.

Congratulations on being gainfully employed...

Already? Then I have done my job.

Not only darker-but damper too....

I detect darker sub-text. <br />
<br />
No, seriously, my sub-text detector is going off. are probably right. I like anything with a harness ride.

Video games might yet supply! <br />
There is an extreme sport where you swing vast distances in a harness, flying safely above trees. I'll bet that’s something like it...sensation wise.

Sometimes you have to believe in something even though you know it might not happen while we are alive...Please don't be sad; you are not pathetic.

I'd rather have a dynomutt...

My dinosaur? The cutest Dinosaur I could find in late cretaceous. <br /><br />
Isn't he cute? Of course that’s only the catalogue...You could choose a T-rex or Spinosaurus <br />
Oh, and basically the dinosaur exists in my faith, I am faithful that that dinosaur is sitting beside me, I feel it with all my heart. I know it to be true and the only way you can be as happy as me is to have a dinosaur yourself. Go on! Get it now. Happiness is slipping from your grasp with each Dinosaurless moment.

what kind of a dinosaur is it?

I have an imaginary dinosaur, but he only comes when I'm illustrating certain points where his existence is relevant. Other then that, I rode on the fibre-glass of a Pegasus when I was young…but that's because it was the name of my grandfathers boat.

God's older sister...Now that sounds like fun. Zeus...I could take or leave him. Well, sounds like you know how to have fun, and pick your pets, GeeZ.

i have a pet Sphinx, and sometimes i like to have tea with Zeus and Gods older sister