Mental Exercise, Or 'what Happens When You Want to Ride On the Wings of a Pegasus'

Reikin scowled at Nisha, her face illuminated in the twilight glow of Jeran nebula bay.

“When will they arrive?” she asked, touching her index finger to the corner of her mouth, “Please Reikin, I am sorry about what happened earlier”

But Reikin was not listening, Nisha was always so quick to apologize, how could this be any different? She would do it again within a few days time, and he would be forced to accept her apology over and over. Unless he could put a stop to this foolish alliance they had formed. He might never be in Hilton Kingdom again; the King might never know what became of his only daughter.

“Look” he said softly, pointing out over the sparkling path towards the sun, on the horizon a fleet of white shapes approached. Nisha gasped.

“The Pegesus!” She whispered “They are so many”

Reikin nodded “The fleet of King Scion, the reason your father has never attacked his lands”

“But I thought… they’re just legend”

He set his eyes on hers and forced a smile, it was becoming tiring work; pretending to like this princess.

“Do they look legendary” he snapped

“Please Reikin, stop being mad at me, I am sorry for overstepping my boundaries…it’s just…well, it was a puppy!”

“That puppy killed my best friend” Reikin said

“Yes” she nodded “But I didn’t know it was a reptilian shimmer beast, did I?”

Her arrogant tone settled it, Reikin decided he wouldn’t even come near King Hilton’s lands again, it would be worth it.

They watched the great white beasts swoop across the blue horizon towards them, glimmering white wings in contrast to the orange light of the sinking sun. On each beast was a single rider, clad in the glimmering blue of Scions troops. Each with a heavy scythe hanging on the back of the winged horses.

“Hail Reikin” A senior rider hovered above Reikin and Nisha

“Hail, but you are late, great rider of Scion”

The rider glared down “Better late then never, eh worrier?” The younger man turned his eyes on Nisha “Quite a handful she looks”

Reikin nodded “And so I will ride with her myself”

“That’s not protocol” the rider said

“I’m trained in Pegasus riding, I can handle a beast. I will leave it to you to decide which of your men’s beasts I should mount”

He turned to Nisha, she was busy tidying her robes, fixing her torn and tattered undergarments. Their adventures had taken them far and wide across her father’s kingdom, but now she would be leaving her home soil forever.

The leader of the brigade ordered a long bodied beast to be leant to Reikin, the previous rider jumping across to a friend’s beast and looking very uncomfortable for it. Reikin nodded to the creature,

“Are you ready?” He asked

“Yes” Nisha nodded, barely smiling, her eyes caught on the hills they had only just trekked over “Yes, You know…I have always wanted to ride on the wings of a Pegasus”

Reikin smiled “Indeed you shall”

They mounted the mass of unlikely muscle, the wings spread magnificently as the riders mounted.

“Sit behind me for now” Reikin said “I’ll tell you when you can begin to ride the wings.”

He felt her press close to him as they began to lift off the ground, wind gusting in periodic waves with each massive flap of the Pegasus’s wings.

Higher and higher, the kingdom stretching out in twilight glory behind them, the ocean blue and orange ahead. Nisha was laughing with the joy of it, Reikin kept his eyes ahead. He was trained in Pegasus riding, but he had never ridden double-mount…and he didn’t like the instability of the ride, the up and down motions…

“Nisha” he yelled once they were a fair distance out from the land.

“yes” she yelled into his ear, all too loudly.

“Are you ready to ride on the wings of a Pegasus?”

“Oh yes” she yelled

“Okay,” he waited for the other riders to move a little further ahead and turned as far as he could. They were thousands of feet in the air now, surely soon passing into the pockets of space that surrounded this planet. But he would sink down below the clouds before he lost his breath.

“When I say, slowly edge out towards the right wing. Be careful, and hold tightly…then you will be riding its wings”

“I’m not too sure about that” she yelled

“Do not worry, I’ll be watching, just be careful”

Her grip loosened, her hangs reached out for the wings…gripping the textured lower fluff, all Pegasus had a mix of oily and frictionless feathers, the trick to riding the wings of a Pegasus was to not ride the wings…but many people unfortunately misinterpreted this and some who came across the tamed beast run wild would attempt the feat.

“Reikin, I don’t like this!”

“Do not worry” He smiled back “Go, further out.

Uneasily she came off the safety of the mount, reached out further on the flapping wings (reikin wished she would hurry, as they were currently falling at great speed) she reached out and…

“Oh, ****!”

Reikin looked back, he commanded the Pegasus to fly on and slowly his centre of gravity moved further up his body, his loins tingled as he adjusted to the new momentum.

Nisha fell to the ocean and drowned, that was what she got, and that’s what you get when you want to ride on the wings of a Pegasus.

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3 Responses Aug 17, 2007

This land is too magical for that HO.<br />
It was really should write more of these adventures...

:-)Thanks, I think that’s the only creative writing I've shared with anyone in over a year, a writing exercise with the spark sentence "I want to ride the wings of a Pegasus”. <br />
Unfortunately, I suspect Reikin made sure that Nisha wasn’t likely to survive the fall or be picked up by passing merchant vessels, so I fear that Princess Hilton is gone forever. The untold story is the adventures they had and her annoying nature.<br />
This was fun, I might do more.

Wow...I hope she can swim. Thanks; I was really into this.