Sometimes We All Need A Reality Check

i feel as if my reality check has come a little too late though. i let the one i love hurt me even though she loves me, im not sure i can give her everything she wants. yes were in an open relationship and yes she is with me but shes with this guy who i hate and i have good reason to hate him. he tried to use me a few years ago and he uses people to get what he wants and when hes got what he wants he drops them. i dont want her to be hurt but it looks like im the one getting hurt. i may do something about it some day soon but i want to have a good weekend so i might go to my friends house for a bonfire later i hope i can. shes helping me through things. i think the part that hurts the most is that i asked her not to show it at school so nothing got started but shes like kissing him and **** at school and weve been together for 3 months so the whole school knows about us. a lot of my friends are coming up to me saying you know shes cheating on you right and im like yea i know then i have to explain everything all over again. its so hard to explain without hurting and sometimes crying and then i go home and cut to feel better. i need to stop cutting and i need to not let myself get hurt through all this. ill figure things out though i just need a little help
RebelOutcast RebelOutcast
Jan 11, 2013