I Am Going To.

oh I'm going to (well not actually say it word for word, but if you read inbetween the lines it's there.)

I'm putting in my notice tomorrow! yay! :D $7.25/ hour is pathetic for this area at least on top of that I'm only working maybe 15 hours a week. I thought VF was bad. :S I made more my first year at ValleyFair and I got more hours. I'm fed up with doing grunt work at this fast food place at a measly 7.25! :P I have a feeling my boss may get mad at me now, but what else can I do? I'm simply not making enough.


I'm going to hit the retail stores back in the Elk River and surrounding area on Saturday and Sunday because I have them off!

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3 Responses Apr 15, 2010

I will tell you what I tell my own kids - Go into healthcare, such as nursing. You will make decent money and the demand is great. Try for some financial aid. you might be surprised.

Since I'm biased, go apply to be a flight attendent! They'll train you too (and you don't have to drive). If you do think about it, make sure you go for a good company! Not great money to start, but if you can get in with Southwest, their 5 year flight attendents make more than I do as a pilot at my dinky airline....

lmao you're kidding me right, obviously you've never seen me drive a car 0:) heh at least I'm honest. :P