Dear You!

I am going to try and keep my temper but right now, I can't make any promises. So please forgive me, I just need to get this out, if I am going to somehow get through this.....

How could you hurt someone as amazing as him?

How could you have broken him to the point that he has no faith in not only himself, but in people anymore, and doesn't believe in Love?

How could you break him to the point that the one person who would go to the end of the world, and would give her last drop of blood before she died to save his life doesn't even have a chance to make him happy???

How could you walk into his life, and than leave, leaving him feeling all of this pain???

Do you have any ******* remorse for what you have done???

If I had Any idea wherre you were, lets just say, I wouldn't be very lady like!

Because of you, and your evil ways, and because of the fact that you had to hurt such an amazing man, I don't know if he will ever believe in happiness and Love again, and that rips my heart into a million ******* pieces!

I am beyond anger. I am so Pissed at you for hurting someone SO amazing! How could you Hurt him? Just HOIW? Why couldn't you just walk away, why couldn't you have at least left him with a little something, at least I'd have something to work on, but now, there is nothing there. And I fear he will never be happy, and as hard as I will try, in the end it won't matter because of YOU!

You not only hurt him, but you hurt the person who is deeply in Love with him as well!

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Aug 4, 2010