Fear Of Success

My husband loves to sing and is very good at it. He grew up going to karaoke with his mom (I know, too sweet) and we all go to karaoke when we go back to visit. I'm actually not half bad with singing, I just get way too self-conscious. I sing 92 thousand times better when I'm alone than in front of anyone. I've tried drinking before singing in public, so then self-consciousness isn't the problem, but then I don't have enough control over my voice. Augh.
My husband recently told me of someone he used to sing karaoke duets with when he was on one of his military assignments. She was very attracted to him and wanted to date him. He said once she stopped singing, she lost all attractiveness. So for me, the equation was me + good singer = more attractive to him. I also wonder if I could communicate my emotions better if I were able to put them to music.
I'm working on it, I think it's getting more comfortable with my ability is the hardest. I'm afraid he'll think I'm good. For some reason that thought embarrasses me. Pride in my abilities seem to be embarrassing, I don't know how to respond when someone says I'm good. But then him thinking I'm awful makes me really sad.
Anyone have any confidence building tips when singing?
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1 Response Nov 13, 2011

Im sorry I don't have any tips! I guess just practice in settings you feel the most comfortable and supported in.<br />
I know what he means about the good singer=attractive - Iv been like that with dancers. Soon as they stop its like someone turned the switch.<br />
I love karaoke - but Im not sure Im that flash - what I lack in talent I make up for with a good sense of humour! I would practice with you if we could!