Next American Idol

I wish  i could sing  actually i wish i could have a great voice but i don't. I sing  at karaokes because everybody sucks on karaoke so that makes me feel like a great singer hahahah.  I guess i will never be the next american idol, but i can still sing on my car, my sround my house while i do my chores, hell i can even sing on my shower........anyone up for a soap opera? LOL
Secretpoem Secretpoem
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5 Responses Jul 29, 2007

humming isnt the best way to sing; singing is!

moomoocow to the rescue! just open your mouth next time, and that should do it!

Ei, we share the same story. I can actually sing in karaokes, shower, etc. but when I sing more and more voice turns golden brown..(it turns great!) so why not go on with your daily "falala"routine and who knows, you might be the next American Idol!=) Practice makes perfect, i can prove you that!=) I was chosen as the class representative for solo singing and out of the 6 contestants, i landed 3rd! now, how can you discern that! LOL

Yes, but I sing like a soon-to-be extinct bird! <br />
<br />
And I'm totally up for an SP soap opera... bring on the bubbles!!

I wish I could sing too :) I don't even sing in the shower because it stil sounds so awful :| Which just goes to show you've got more talent than me :D Sing on, sing on :)