I Wish I Could Sleep/Rest My Life Away

 Sleeping is so relaxing. I never want to rise & face another day of challenges I don't have the skills to handle. Even simple tasks that sound good in my brain I physically don't have the energy to do. If I just sleep I won't spend any more of my dwindling funds. Yes eventually other people will regard me as slacker, okay, I can live with that. I don't see the point of being so called productive when it really never makes any difference anyhow. 

Sleeping allows my eyes to rest and I won't battle eyestrain. Yes, I do still feel pain when sleeping; but, it's not as noticeable as when I'm awake. Plus when I'm asleep I can peruse the vastness of my imagination & have an enjoyable experience without regard to money, societal restrictions or irritating situations. It's like living in fantasy land where I make all the rules. Even unpleasant experiences can be adjusted to be less irritating, I can't do that in reality. Plus when asleep I don't notice all my weaknesses or limitations, and they don't hold me back from doing anything. It's like an illusion that's acceptable, even though actual sleeping isn't.

I know these thoughts are considered by some to be delusional. I know I'm supposed to suffer my life away doing all those required tasks to busy up my time so I won't notice that I really haven't achieved anything worthwhile, though it'll seem as if I had since I was constantly busy with activities. I know the rules. I just don't want to follow them. Life with them is so boring & uneventful. Sleeping is never boring. It's usually restful & invigorating. I know I would have to wake every so often in order to notice the difference & that would be fine, as long as I could spend most of my life asleep,

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You're right terrapin52 its the best way to escape.

This reminds me of an old song I heard on the radio one night that was recorded back in the 20's or 30's. I have never been able to find a copy of it after searching thoroughly for years. It must have been obscure even when it was recorded. Part of the chorus goes " wouldn't it be great if we could sleep our lives away," and it goes on to describe the state of bliss as we're drifting off. Such a great song.<br />
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I do the same thing as the OP and have a sort of fantasy I replay which puts me to sleep within seconds regardless of how tired I am. <br />
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Maybe it's borderline psychopathology but it is a way to escape the world without hurting anyone, destroying anything, costing anything, etc.

destiney24 have you tried before you go to sleep, think of something happy, something you'd like to enjoy while your asleep? The mind is a powerful tool you just have to train it to help you cope with the difficulties of life. <br />
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Sometimes when I'm stressed I have nightmares too. For a long time every night when I slept, I dreamt I was on the verge of drowning. It was from the stress of my job. Once I got fired, those dreams went away.

Thank You for the compliment jerrica.<br />
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Oh Alexishappy I'm sorry you have to get out of bed only to pay your bills. Life can be a ***** when it's hard. Sleeping is the best escape.

couldn't have said it any better myself. you could have read my mind. damned good post.

My imagination keeps me alive and sane.

Wow, it is amazing that you could have written that for me........felt like I was looking in a mirror......it is so agonizing.....and this is no life......<br />
So how the heck do we face and get through each day, each minute? and what for???<br />
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would love to hear how you do it.......<br />