I have never been able to sleep properly since being a baby and have spent that many years with so little sleep that Ive lost a lot of my long term memory.  Now I have to take a mix of sleeping pills, muscle relaxants and xanax or percocets to get any sleep at all.

I envy anyone who can just get into bed and fall asleep in minutes and wake up feeling refreshed..  I have never had that pleasure.
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5 Responses Jun 29, 2007

I understand your problem too, these things I tryed to sleep. A hot bath,cold milk,or hot. A dark room and t.v. or music very low or off. This has helped me. I hope you will try it.

Good for cramps too.. I wonder if its good for feet cramps as I often get v painful ones in My right foot?

No I havent.. how does that make you sleep?

I understand your frustration with it. I take a lovely little cocktail at night to sleep too. I've only been experiencing it the last year or so, though. I miss the days when I could lay down and pass out for 12 hours. Even with the pills I'm lucky if I get more than five hours of sleep.

I used to have to self hypnotize myself. I took a couple classes on relaxation also. lol, I remember one class where someone fell a sleep trying to relax. I think he got an A. :)