Rough Days..

I wish I had a "start over" button..I wish there really was an easy button that I could hit and make everything ok again. I'm 23 and jst had surgery that prevents me from having kids. The same surgery that saved my life, is stopping me from creating life. It's a hard thing to deal with at any age, but at 23 it's really rough. I've devoted my life to kids..I have a big family with lots of kids and I went to school to become a pre-school teacher. Kids make me happy..they always have, but these days it jst kills me to see families together. I want to start over..I jst want to go back and do thing different and maybe..jst maybe my outcome would be different. My world jst seems to be falling apart these dad is sick, all this with me, and a crazy ex that won't go away. I ask myself "why me?!" all the time here lately..I feel like I'm going nuts most of the time. I know life isn't suppose to be easy, but dang..I could use a break. I'm hardly keeping my head above water..and I'm getting tired.
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We do wish. But, it would then be robotic life

Thank you so much for our comments..things have a way of looking up..I'll get there. God Bless..

this world creates spiritual mothers like you , i know you dont know me but i know who you are, and you are the mother of the childern who are motherless , wipe away your tears and foget your pain just know that only the women who have reached a place in there souls where they have loved childern and had many childern of there own in other life times , they are the mothers who are blessed and choosen to love the childern, l know that that there will come a time when you will be so full of love for the childern that will be sitting at your table and you will look back look back on this day and remember ,l will always love you for the life you have choosen , God Bless

There are a lot of kids out there that need warm and loving parents, you always adopt?