#its been happening so often everytime I love a person its always me who ended up broken....there was this man that I tot he can be the ppersonim going to be with for longtime...but I was wrong...he just left without saying goodbye...im sick and tired of always being broken...after they had let me feel that im special and after I love them in return they just dump me like im nothing with them.

This time I realize its time for me to love myself...to find myself..to focus on my dreams...to serve god...ive been in ups and downs but only god is always there for me...I still love this man...but I cant force a perso to stay if he doesnt want to...I know its gonna be hard but I know this will be only In the beginning....the right person will come I gods perfect time...now im on the process of moving on with gods guidance...I will and be love I right time and in the place:))...tommorrow gonna be a brand new day for me...
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1 Response Dec 17, 2013

I wish you the best in your future goals. I was in a similar situation, the only difference was, I was the guy who broke up with the woman. My reasoning, was because I knew she wasn't in God's will for my life. I hated the fact that I broke up with her, even after we had what seemed like special moments together. Outside of that, it was my decision, because I realized she wasn't right for my life.

I encourage you to move forward with what God has for you. If you continue to put His will first, and follow Him, then he will bring the right guy into your path. I too am waiting for the right woman, who I know I will marry. If things didn't work out, then it meant it wasn't supposed to. However, God knows who you need, and when you need him. God bless, and keep your eyes on Christ!

Thank you ninja...yes only just now I totally realize that if its not meant for u it cant never be for u..no matter how hard u fight for it...we did not broke up..he just left without saying anything...but I guess its a gods plan for me to have a better life. He knows that its not yet the right time...:))