Hello people of the online universe, my name is Josh and I'm unique like each and every one of you. My whole life has been a series of mistakes, self discipline, and the feeling of loneliness. I learned how to be independent at a young age, because I've learned you can't trust people through a series of unfortunate events. I pretend to be self focused, but deep down I feel like I need someone in my life to cherish, someone who actually cares about me, because in reality no one does. Therefore I came here to the Experience Project to finally talk about what's been bothering me in the inside.
Poseidonsson Poseidonsson
18-21, M
1 Response Jun 23, 2014

The best way to make friends is to be a friend. Be kind. Care about others. When you see someone that you kind of know,ask about what's going on in their life. I see your a young person and I think "if I knew then what I know now!". People are really a lot alike. They want to know you care or are interested. Not like a stalker of course. But if you're talking to a guy, maybe "hey that's a cool car, I can't wait to get a car of my own". If it's a girl, (eye contact and a slight smile) "you have the prettiest eyes,but you probably get that all the time". I know you're thinking it's just kissing up to someone, but it's an ice breaker. Of course who you say it to is a big part of it too. If you find someone that seems like you have the same interests that's good. Don't be shallow! Don't just go after their looks. A guy that is sweet to even a homely girl is noticed by the beautiful ones. I still remember this really popular guy in school. And he was so nice to everyone! Not just the attractive girls. Everyone! And it made him even more desirable!