I want to stay in wolf form forever. I want to live,in a forest with my pack and mate. I want to wake up in a den on a chilly Winter day,and get up,walk around,run a bit,hunt a hare or two etc. And grow up,have a few pups with my mate,stay in my pack,and live a happy and full life. When the end comes,I'll be satisfied with my life,happy to go,but sad to leave those I love behind.
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You and me should go together after college.

Good idea. We will then.

but before that i want to fulfill my dreams as a human, id like to have a wedding before we do.

Hmmmm. Me too. I won't have a wedding. I've seen a vision that I won't have a mate then. If I do he's not there.

A girl like you will definetly have one even if he's human. dont worry, you and me are going to make lots of memories and have a great time before we go to our true home, the wild. :)

Yeah, but i thought i at least should.

Im planning on being with a wolf, but the heart goes where it wants to, ive always wanted two weddings, one with us in human with my human family and one in wolf form with my wolf family, that way me and my mate are bound in both forms.

I wouldnt be that cruel to my mom, not all humans are bad.

not yet... but she will in good time.

for sure. but i have to tell her sometime.



Makes sense. My mom almost saw me meditating...

lol in a house as small as mine there is no door-locking.

I used to. But I meditate at Night. I'm worried that my dad walks in, and he sees that I've shifted some part of my body. He'd never understand. Never.

i normally do it in bed and hide under covers.

sounds about right.

i do it sometimes too.

well i dont shift completely yet, but im afraid my hand may...

my right hands been tingling since i tried to change it the other night.

so i hear...

i bet. How does that even work? do your human teeth come out or what? And finger nails???

ah ok.

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