Life Has Its Own Momentum

Life has its own momentum at the moment and doesn't seem to want to slow down. I have work booked up for as long as I want to, after I finish all the 'immediate, urgent' stuff. Even if I took a holiday there would still be pressure because the rest of the world would keep going.

This high-pressure, agricultural fast-lane we live in.

It would be good to stop everything for a while. Get off and stretch, yawn, wander around a bit. Take a few long, aimless walks. Spend an afternoon snoozing. Have as much time as required before needing to press the 'start' button again.

I like this idea; better not think it too often.

rojblake rojblake
36-40, M
10 Responses Mar 4, 2010

click on ''pause'' for a while right? be nice..<br />
there wouldn be more stress somehow i think..<br />
nice group!

Oh good! Only 10 months to wait ::))

Apparently that's New Years.

Suck up every day and squeeze the juice out of it D. A great time ;-)

I think you may be right, MDM. But I'd love a vacation that the rest of the world took too!

Just take a simple walk & time to stare. A few short walks anytime can help. When ur sitting alone at breakfast feel the peace and the stillness and make plans to take a short trip. Anywhere?<br />
Good luck.

You found the pause button Tink. Yay! Lol maybe we just need to get off our respective Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) and find something a bit slower somewhere. Maybe one of those Indian trains where people ride on the roof?

WG: *exposes buttons*<br />
<br />
M: Maybe we could trade.... then again, I'm not sure that your busy-ness sounds better!<br />
<br />
tOs: If you figure how to stop it, let me know please :)

Damn, consider yourself lucky, I wish I was busy with farm work!!! :)

I could help to push your buttons ;)