Why Can't We Wind It Back?

sometimes i ache with regrets.. if only i could turn back time.. there are some things i'd like to change..
SweetAppleBlossom SweetAppleBlossom
26-30, F
3 Responses Aug 7, 2007

I think you've stated how almost everyone feels now and again. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) life travels in one direction. I reckon that's how learning to cope with life happens, by having lived through it. Don't know if you've noticed (and I mean this in a positive way), but if you dig too deep on this web-site, geysers of pent-up regrets and emotions erupt.

Yeah, turning back the clock and re-doing some things would be cool. I think some of us would get stuck in perpetual rewind mode, though.

Hindsight is wonderful. One good thing taken from regrets is the lessons that they teach you. Look ahead, not behind, and remember, you have the rest of your life left to make yourself happy.

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