The Congo Zaire Rivers

Millions of my Africans were taken by force up and down the Atlantic coast.  They were people of various tribes, various languages, cultures and traditions.  Record was seldom kept to preserve the African heritage of these slaves.  Sadly, it may be forever lost.  This is a pain that is shared by most all of the African race regardless of color or social status.  Knowing from whence you came is crucial when discovering who you are.  I suppose this what captivates me about the Congo Zaire River.  it starts along the Atlantic Coast right at Cabinda Boma and spreads to the heart of Central Africa. Simply imagining that my ancestors could have traveled down that very river is very emotional for me. I would like to one day travel by sail up and down it (or at least see it in person and stand on its bank).  The pictures that I've viewed online are breathtaking. 

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If you were able to stand on the bank of the Congo Zaire River, I imagine you would be able to feel the presence of many of those people who were taken up and down the Atlantic Coast all those years ago. I hope you will go there one day.

A beautiful experience.