Do As You're Told Not What You See

That phrase i always use it, do as you're told not what you see. How hard is it to take my own advice i know i need to but i think to myself what is the point if i take that advice it is totally diffrent just because he is hitting does not mean that im in a relationship that can not work out, though i have given up why am i still with him i dont know. you are better off with him you know that, but that advice i wont take for myself i just ignore the words. I give advice to people and they thank me that they have changed their life and here i am suffering yet refusing to take my own advice. I have failed at life yet i refuse to be wrong am i stubbern??? prob. Am i afraid to be hurt again??? of course. Can i forgive myself after all these years?? of course not, There i was trying to save someones life at the age of 14, giving that girl advice so that she would stop cutting herself saying your parants love you they will understand, while i wore longsleave shirts hiding the cuts from the world. lying to myself that its diff when i was crying myself to sleep while in the day i was telling another girl that she shouldnt be depressed she should get help
ConfusedGirl101xxx ConfusedGirl101xxx
18-21, F
May 5, 2012