No One Deserves This Kind Of Life

I have enough pain from my chronic back conditions. I live in severe pain 24/7  and would gladly take on the pain of others so they would never ever have to experience this living HELL !!! I live with pain and have learned to adapt and cope with the pain, but would gladly take on all the pain of the all my friends and familly so they could live a better more prosperous and happier life as a whole. It would mean so much to me to take everyones pain away, if I could do this I would do it in a instant!! No exageration I would take your pain for you. I am not saying this as a load of BS I really mean this from the bottom of my heart. I already live a life shackled by pain so it would not make a change in my life except taking a little more pain meds not much of a sacrifice, but it would make a enourmous difference in your life, if you had to change your life to deal with chronic pain . I pray and wish no one ever has to experience a life living in severe pain all day everyday.  Take care of your body you only get one and it only will do so much.
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1 Response May 12, 2012

I know what you mean because I live with constant back pain each and every day. Some days it is terrible and then some days it is that bad, then there are those days where it is in-between. All the time I walk a little funny, which people notice more than the fact that I am a tall woman. And I agree, I to wish and pray that no one else has to experience what you and I do.<br />
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One thing that has helped me more than pain meds (which help but leave me dull and feeling grogged) is a corset or a waist cinch. Besides improving my figure, which I like, being tightly laced helps take some of the pressure off the damaged area to my spine and eases the pain. For me a corset or a waist cinch works much better than any of the garments that any doctor has prescribed.

That is appt I need to have with my Spine Dr, I have heard that and have tried old spine brace I had from years ago and that I seemed to have some relief I will make a reminder to ask Thanks.

You're welcome and yes I am glad that I helped because you certainly should talk with your spine doctor.
The only thing I've found is the difference between the spine brace my doctor recommended and what I could buy in the way of a corset or waist cynch. I found the later to be every bit as effective in minimizing the pain and certainly better than the bulky spine brace my doctors wanted me to have.
So definitely talk with your doctor and see.