You Are Not Alone, I Am Here

I felt your tears

Plunging into the sadness of your face

Like poems dying in the pages

And the joy losing the weight


Your absence was like a lance

That crossed your heart

Taking the hope away

from your eyes

Promises we made...

Words have been said

An emptiness took place

Showing the pain in your face


Mistakes have been made,

Together it can be taken

And the most hard words can be erased

Bitter tears can disappeared


The night came

I felt you, I touched you

I loved you

Hope was reborn

Smiles from your soul

With love in your face…


If I could I would take all your pains away and replace it with an endless happiness…


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6 Responses Feb 20, 2009

maybe i do i just don't know what my talent is in LOL

i wish i had half of your talent

i dont know.. I think there is not a single poem i would not like from your mind...

You write so well ...

nice poem... i love your stories. Big Hugs* ^_^

Amazing story! Smiles