Why There Is War

I think I figured it out. I think I unlocked the reason we have wars and fights . I believe the root of the whole thing is fear. Your thinking how right? Well let me put it this way . We as a human race are full of fear . The reason for this fear is because we don't understand . We fear what we don't understand or can't see . So in a way we are afraid of fear it self . Haven't you ever been afraid . When you noticed you were afraid you became more scared . Correct? So it is safe to say we fear what we don't understand . Ok here is an interesting way to put it . We fear difference because we don't understand it . I hope you see what're I'm going with this , if not dont worry just keep reading. We are all different then everybody else . We have different opinions , different things we like , different styles , and so on and so on. You get what I'm saying . So if we fear what we don't understand then is it safe to say we fear each other. By this fear of each other we activate our fight or flight response . We react the wrong way . We as a country and people fight because we don't know anything else to do . That is what I believe the root of it all is . FEAR!!!
Torryyuki Torryyuki
22-25, F
May 20, 2013