Mom And Dad

I dont feel bad about lieing to you. i dont, your actions over the past 2 years have made it difficult for me to talk to you. dad youy loseing the house. a house that we had for over 11 ******* years, the house we grew up in. where all my friends are we had to bury buddy in the stupid trailer we had to buy because of you! a trailer dad a ******* trailer. and mom why should i confide in you my probelms when you wont do the same. you have health problems and you dont want to change to fix it. i tried helping as you asked but when i do all you both can say is that your the parent and im the child. well staet ******* acting like it. hell im more finaciall responasable then you! if it wasnt for me being there in the store with you then we would be right back where we started. speaking of which. thanks dad for spending my prom money on itunes. you know how embarresed i was when i couldnt afford my dress! i had to ask my brother for it and even then you never said sorry or anything to me!
so no i wont tell you how ive been lieing about my college classes. guess what oh parents ofmine. i failed my class then the class that you thionk im takeing im not. im not upset over this. to me its none of your buissness anymore.

and another thing. youve never noticed over the years that ive become depressed. that my anxiety rules my life sometimes. i barely hide it around you anymore. and the fact that you never notice is what makes me even more sad. i hate to admit it but im turning out exactly like you. i cry about that all the time. i dont want to be like you i want to make myself better despite you. you never give me credit for anything i do. its like i can never do enough for you.........
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hey, i know it is very very hard to realise that when you cry in despair, even your parents don't seem to care. you feel like the only last lost soul in this ******* world. but guess what your dad used your prom dress money, but you still have the prom guy with you?....... Confide in him, who knows he might be an angel in this hard times for you. you never know

Confide in my brother? lol i already did

you got me wrong,i was not talking about your brother. i said to confide in some guy which could listen to your problems. who knows you might feel better.