My Fantasies Always Have...

My fantasies always have an older male in them.

Like just recently I was in a starbucks coffee shop and saw an older gentlemen on his laptop having a nice drink and a relaxing time sitting there all by himself and thought OMG that would make my day if I could just head over to his direction and see that he was unmarried and in need of attention. :-D
Neja88 Neja88
22-25, F
6 Responses Nov 25, 2012

maybe if you sit faceing him with your legs open a littil and if he looks over open them a little more

There need to be more women in the world like you.

Seriously :-)

Hi I'm Omar a 38 yr old italian guy, I'm a good listener, tell me about your older man thoughts

us married guys like that kind of attention also

I'm aware. Been there, still continuing to do that. ;-)

im a straight guy . .if this makes any sense . my fantasies always have an older man in them too . one who is married . and would have meaningless sex with me . . until im stretched open and sloppy

Strange but everyone is allowed to have their own kink in the bedroom.

You should have followed up on your thoughts....

If I wasn't with my family, I might have done so... :-)