What I Wish For Are My Fantasies

I value everything that is innocent and sweet.. like the feelings of love or something akin to it..

thus, my fantasies has always been like that.. just me and my love through various lifetimes together.. like the 1900's where people wear elegant frocks, or through the story in the wind singer series (I treasure that book very much), the lifetimes Rokudo Mukuro went through I went through with my love as well, the depressing era of Vampire Knight (I think its modern, now) and the present of which I'm really beautiful.

I wish I'm allowed to do my hair, I wish I'm slim, I wish I can drive well, I wish I know how to put make up on, I wish a lot of wishes..

Most importantly, having someone to love.. the opportunity has not yet arrived. but when it does, I wish he loves me too.

amejad amejad
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 18, 2010

The things you wish for are almost every girls dream, most importantley, falling inlove and being loved. Your hopes and dreams will come to past because you wish it so much. You will make it possible in your future endevers