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Nothing Would Make Me Happier.

I think the world is BEAUTIFUL!
I think more art in beauty in the world would make it more down to "Earth" (pun intended!)
I was lucky enough to go to JAPAN! Which I am a huge fan of their history, culture, and some of their pop culture.
I'd love to tour Europe! I want to see what Spain is like, for sure!
I think what my life goal will be to visit every continent at least once. I already have Asia. Now on to either the Americas or Europe!
LoveIsAddictedToMe LoveIsAddictedToMe 26-30, M 2 Responses Jun 5, 2012

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I would like a lot to know Puerto Rico your country¬°

Think you need to hit up every state as well that way you'd have a reason to come to Oklahoma ;) but I agree with you. I too one day want to travel the world. I'd love to go to Japan too. My aunt (through marriage) is Japanese and she's taught me their traditions and some language and I absolutely freaking love it.