I Hate This

    I have a guy who says he really likes him and I kinda believe him but then I don't because of my trust issues... He's a guy I could see myself dating but when it comes to being with him and if I can see him actually staying with me I don't know. I don't like to date someone unless I know they are going to make a full commitment to never leave I hate the idea of divorce or wasting so many years on someone who I could call my better half... I want a relationship to last my whole life and never have aggravation like I did with my one relationship. I wanted it to work out I trusted him I believed him and most of all Loved him but he didn't trust me if I was on the phone or computer and gave me a hard time about doing anything by myself... : I just wish I could find that special someone and just know! Know that he won't use me. Cheat on me. Lie to me. Leave me most of all and the most I want is to just be able to see us growing old together and him seeing the same thing.

      I'm old fashioned in that way but I like it. I like it when a guy asks permission to date/marry a girl. Or one of those romantic proposals not like the ones with a guy taking his woman to a restaurant hiding it in her drink or food or asking as the end of the meal I rather have someone original and creative come up with their own... I suppose I may never find that one
XieryaWolf XieryaWolf
22-25, F
May 23, 2012