its a beautiful summers heart was betting I couldn't believe it.
I'm on my knees looking up at my love. she crying.
I'm holding a little back box in my hand.
you are my sun moon and stars!
I can't think of my life without you in it.
baby will you marry me?
I stand up and kiss those beautiful red lips and hold you look like an angel with runny mascara and smuged lipstick.
my god you were so beautiful my heart skipped a beat.
I love you I said I promise to always be there.

I keep having dream.
same dream all the at least the end is.
we are happy and in love and it makes me realize I'm dreaming you hate me for the things you've done.
your upset because you got caught. not because of the pain you cause.

Why did you say yes?it's been 3 years only 3 on another beautiful summer night just the one full of so much love.

why won't we stop screaming.
she crying.
I hate to see her could she do this I trusted our love.
we were supposed to be soul mates.
I watch as she starts to pack her things.
I'm drowning I can't fight it.
wait I scream I love you please don't go.
I see the tail lights.
everything goes black
broken8888 broken8888
31-35, M
2 Responses May 6, 2015

Wow those words portray such strong emotions, makes me sad.

This makes me want to cry. Youre very sweet man talking like this

I will keep posting it's why I'm here I'm glad I just need to get better at creative writing

all true I keep having the same dream that we are in love but my subconscious knows it isn't true and I become conscious in my dream and it becomes a nightmare because I know it's just a dream.
as I start to cry and the first tear hits my cheek it wakes me up.