Thinking Asleep!

I hate how my brain is working while I’m asleep! I mean I always resolve and finish the unresolved issues when I was awake in my sleep!

If I’m at work and I have something that I left for tomorrow I go back home, sleep, and of course I complete that work in my dreams!!!! Sometimes the dream is even so real that I wonder was the work really done?!!!  Just a while ago when I was sleeping I was finishing all the work pending for tomorrow’s deadline, I just wish if something is done in the dreams it will be done in reality that would be awesome!!!! Lol! but seriously I just woke up and I was pissed off because even in my sleep I can’t rest and I’m doing work!!!!

Also something very annoying is that work or any important matters always remain in my mind 24 hour, yesterday I had a schedule like important points that I need to get done today so at night I went to sleep and I woke up like 4 am I was just looking at my phone checking the time and I was like talking in my head okay so you will have to discuss this with him, finish this, and then do that when you go to work at the morning okay? It is when it hit me: what the hell was that? I just wake up for one second and I’m revising my schedule!!! And this thought of me questioning myself kept me awake which sucked when I woke up at the morning!

Now the worst thing is if I’m worried about someone I’ll have to dream of them and of course in the dream everything that I’m worried about and I do not want it to happen WILL HAPPEN!

I think a major reason why I’m always edgy and bitchy is that I do not get my rest and I do not get good sleep and my brain is working all the time when it needs to rest so it is very normal that when I am awake I cannot stand anything from anyone because I’m just tired….. ugh!
I wish I can have a very deep peaceful uninterrupted sleep like this:

That would make a big difference in my life and attitude!

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I can totally relate to how much this sucks - the inability to leave work at work; in the most sacred of places, our subconscious mind during sleep. I work from home, thankfully after a recent move, we now have a separate office for me so that I'm no longer working by day in our bedroom. This of course makes it a bit more complicated to "leave work at work" - all the same, I try to at least leave work in the office!

My wife has fallen victim to me rattling off all sorts of technical nonsense to her while I'm sleeping, often times we wake up in the middle of the night with me typing on her arm and similar bizarre actions - most amusing of which are the things I say in the morning when I'm fighting to wake... I knew we had to wake early to run errands on one of my days off, and I insisted on waking up my wife as I had to update her firmware - these things happen all the time, proof that my mind is stuck at work 24x7!

There's of course other things which I prefer not to think about surface in my mind and I've had some pretty vivid dreams (or nightmares) regarding the inner conflicts I face and generally choose to ignore. I joined this group as I wish so much that I could simply turn off the racing thoughts which leave me in a constant state of anxiety and exhaustion! I found your post amusing (no offense, I know how unpleasant the experience can be...) - I wish we had a kill switch to allow ourselves to completely relax.

The world we live in has become constantly connected and more busy, rushed and hectic than I believe should be allowed. Sadly, there's not much we can do about this, and it's only going to get worse. If I find a solution, or even some method of suppression which allows for better rest and relaxation; you can be sure I'll share it with the community!

Thanks for the story - I really enjoyed it, may your situation improve and try to remember to take the time to breathe! I often forget to do so myself :P

Think your brain trying to tell you to take a holiday,It might be that your feeling insecure in your job and thinking you have to be one jump ahead,but in all truth as long as your doing best thats all anyone can ask

Yeah, it`s tough when life gets in the way of your rest.