Aarrgghhh I Need Some Sleep!

I feel like my brain is in OVERDRIVE! I'm CONSTANTLY thinking! Think about life, relationships, and career. If I'm not thinking about the big things, than I'm think about my work. If I have a problem I need to solve at work I dream about the solution. I'm constantly tired and don't feel rested. This is especially the issue when there is something going on in my life that I don't really want to deal with - like currently, I'm dealing with breaking up with my boyfriend. I think in trying to avoid thinking about him and our situation so my brain over compensates and thinks about everything else a crazy stupid amount. I feel like my thought processes are a train wreck, there's so much going on in that mind of mine. I just want to tune everything out and chill for a bit, but for some reason, I'm just finding that impossible to do. When I stop thinking about everything else, I wind up thinking about him, and I do NOT want to think about him. How do I do this?
Susumu999 Susumu999
22-25, F
Apr 22, 2012