This group just has to exist, because, there is a group called "I wish I could turn you off".

So here it is... and I don't think it's a wish that I have alone.

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LOL! Well, to each is own, Roj..........maybe she prefers "older gentlemen"...not necessarily elderly.

LOL. We've gone a long way from turning someone on. Not that it was *really* the aim of this story, Sylph. Can you imagine foreplay, if this was my attempt at a turn-on?<br />
<br />
But who knows, maybe she is a gerontophile...

And all these mutterings are supposed to turn *someone* on........... LOL!

Mutter mutter GRMPHHH WG tweezers mutter mutter...

We are running already, Super-D. Roj is sprawled on the pavement. WG will probably whack us with a brick or something................just run!!!

*Roj collapses to the pavement, muttering*

*Super-D and Sylph grabs Roj's walking stick and runs away with it*<br />
<br />

LOL!<br />
Too funny.....

*passes Sylph his spare walking stick*

That is sweet, Super-D..."...wish I could turn you on and on and on..."...<br />
It's called growing old together.........and it is not at all nonsense. It's one of the sweetest. :)

Nonsense is fun Delta. Keep it up!

That'll never happen. It'll be "I wish I could turn you on and on and on and on, because I need to work at it for a while for us to get anywhere..."

Oh thank you, Delta. Just wait till I catch you with my walking stick...

AP just wants to have the best of all possible worlds. I can't blame him! But your idea is a very noble one *ducks to avoid thrown shoe*

WG when I wrote this story I hadn't even thought about tonight!<br />
<br />
But yes, that couple remind me a bit of us... that the best you can do Roj! Nice image though :)

Indeed, WiB. They're quite difficult to detach.

I've never choked on a couille yet Andrew!

Delta there's a group just begging to be made :)

Ouch!!! The armpits were bad enough.

hehehe ... try using your teeth to do it ... lol

LOL! Why hadn't I thought of that???? You wick woman WIB.........I like it ;)

haha wg ... pubic hair works even better!

Oh, that's easy AP. You just pluck out one of our man's armpit hairs...that seems to do the trick most times...

So this is what happens when I leave EP for an hour or so! Well Roj. Go on, whatcha waiting for...long distance turning the public eye of EP ;)...Mmmmm...what a turn on!

So true, Bliss.......t'is true. ;)

the working of a man's mind - now there's a minefield ... men always say that a woman's mind is unfathomable but I'd say that men are just as difficult!!

LOL!<br />
<br />
But thank you, Roj...that is just sweet.

If I ever find out (how the minds of men work) I will tell you....

Gotcha! Was just curious how the minds of men work... ;)

M: Thank you :)<br />
Sylph: Good, the more the merrier... now as to the wish: <br />
<br />
There's at least a couple of ways of reading that 'wish'. It could be read that I can't but would like to in the long-term sense. Or it could be that I can't do it now (for practical reasons), but I may be able to do it later on in the day.<br />
<br />
There's probably a bit of the first and a bit more of the second going on in my mind. The first is a 'man-brain' thought, applying to many women. The second, a more rational me thinking of one woman in particular...

Nice one

Oooohhhh............I'm joining! haha<br />
<br />
But why is it your *wish*, Roj???