Lover's Gaze

Silently I gaze upon you there, watching you sleeping peacefully as my body craves your touch. My hand trembles as I reach out to trace the masculine lines of your face.  My mind wanders to earlier in the evening when we were one, sharing our lovers’ embrace. 

You wake with a smile on your face, returning the locked gaze I have on your eyes.  You place your hand over mine, still our eyes remain locked in our trance. I smile at you and move closer. Your masculine hands begin caressing my balmy skin. You pull me into your embrace and kiss me on my forehead. I raise my face to yours, waiting for your lips to find mine, your tongue to dance with mine, and your soul to embrace mine. I moan contently as you kiss me passionately.

As our kiss intensifies, a rhythmic dance ensues. I feel my love for you and your passion for me; how I long to hear three little words. I move over you like a graceful ballerina, as you consume me over and over again. I feel my explosion building deep inside my thighs. I arch my back as the river escapes from deep within me. Our eyes still locked in an adoring gaze as we are together, as one once more. MMMMM


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2 Responses Mar 11, 2010

Thanks guys! I appreciate the comments. We shall see once he gets to work and reads it lol.

I think you succeeded, fungirl!