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It's all very well a bunch of sensible adults saying No to cruelty, but this is an experiences website. Can we look at the reasons why some folk turn into animal abusers, or why certain children delight in causing suffering to even th tiniest creatures? I've worked in pet rescue/rehoming since so I feel i can admit 2 u all I was a very cruel child. I was at the end of a chain of abuse and animals would be the next link i could add 2 raise myself up frm th bottom. I'm talkin bout my childhood here not now so please no sly comments. Thanks B

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I have succumbed to "displaced anger", when the world was a crazy scary place and I felt tormented, I took out my anger on my animals. This was 8 years ago and I still feel the shame every single day. This is to say that in extraordinary circumstances, ordinary people may sometimes be succeptible to outbursts.

i am writing an essay now on no to animal abandonment and abuse and i try in every way possible to prevent all i can in my every day life.

What control of the desire to hurt th world back? Why desire to hurt at all? Controlling a need to move th pain from onesself (to another)? That's called "bottling it up" i think. Leads to emotional "explosions" surely. Or u mean a controlled release of aggression? Over here all they offer you is boxing with the lads from the estate. Not ideal for shy little outcasts. Thing is unless you win you don't feel better. I think there needs 2 b more done to engage kids in activities that make them feel independant, rather than just practicing restraint or saying aggression is ok in this place, not in that. Get em out in th desert or forest. Show them they are capable. And show them EP!

I'm one of the sensible adults saying no to animal abuse, On EP. I'm certain those who can't handle and cope with anger, could abuse an innocent pet. The old "pecking order". An abused child may hurt a helpless puppy. Acting out emotions they aren't able to fully control. Control would be the issue here.