I See Women As Friends And Possible Sex Partners. It Has Got Me Into Trouble All My Life.

Something is odd about me. I have changed.  I used to see women just as a sex object, to be added to a list. I never imagined the list would get so long.  Now I sometimes feel bad about myself, because I know realize I used these women as objects. Of course I didn't want to admit it for years, and i guess that was my problem. 

I no longer feel bad about the women I bang in that way. Because I openly aggree, and admit, that I am useing them for sexual gratification.  I use to be in self deniel about this truth. and now i openly admit to it. So bring em on.

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1 Response Mar 16, 2010

I once went for a evaluation with a pyshciatrist. I couldn't take it. I just had to tell her up front that I need a man to evaluate me, because I all could think about while being in the room with her, was how great a **** I bet she was going to be. That I wanted to **** her very badly. She said I had a sexual problem. And i said :NOO kiding.