I Regret

How do I say this? Met a great loving generous guy. Danced,laughed joked,He complimented me endlessly loved to do all the stuff I longed for travel,read,think be serious take time to iisten etc etc. He said he lived with room mates, I had a family at home. Within 2 weeks he suggested a hotel room. I said no let us wait and get to know each other for me not comfortable just yet. This is the third time I have said not to sex and never heard from a guy again. Was I too truthful too quick? What was the point of pretending I wanted to make out with him? When I did not know enough about him. Of course I have had other lovers and had regrets but as I age I want to have feelings in the context of meaningful relationships. However as he has not returned my calls I am sad as I feel I might of messed up a little bit. When it is a long time from being intimate with another it helps to ease back gently to the dating scene.
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A guy that acts as such is a jerk period. I really get pissed when I see this happening over and over to you ladies. Sex is a bonus you share when your both ready and dammit you both know when that is. To disapear just because a woman wont jump in the sack after a coupla dates is assinine! Around here we call them pla<x>yers. If they had any balls they would at least step up and tell you why they wont be seeing you again. My feelings are this when you are both ready and consenting then it is a relationship. Anything up to that is just FWB and if thats what a guy wants he needs to say so. Really makes it tough for us standup guys that know what respect is and is willing to treat a lady like a lady and not a *****. Girls there are more than a few of us out here. Dont give up!

Agree totally.just wish they did not 'play' so well and annoy me by catching me out!!

I've also recently experienced this in a relationship which is what caused it to end...truth be told, if a guy leaves you because you aren't willing to sacrifice your body for him, then he probably didn't care as much as you thought in the first place. If a man is truly interested in you he'll wait until you are good and ready.

Deary deary missmadam, that's what has happened to me twice in recent times! I fully understand how you feel. On both occasions, the guys at first seemed nice, funny, interesting and all the nice things you can think of. But they quickly turned out to be only interested in one thing.... Like you said, as time passes by, I feel I need to live meaningful relationships and not only have fun for the sake of it. So on both cases, I turned them down (the second guy suggested a motel room after a couple of harmless conversations... I felt appalled!). And of course, I've never heard of them again since then. I don't care about the second guy that much, but I regret having lost touch with the first one, as I really liked him. I can't think 'His loss' because actually, I quite miss him. Is this a bad case of psychological self-injurying???