Night Time Makes Me Face Reality

during the day i can stay busy..even if it's watching a movie i'm occupied.

but night time comes around and i can't stop thinking. my mistakes haunt me.

i don't know how people get through thier past and forgive themselves.

i know everyone makes mistakes, but mine won't let me forget them.

please help me forget, or share experiences where you have moved on. does it just take time?
inwonderland8 inwonderland8
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3 Responses Aug 1, 2010

ironjawdtat, what a remarkable thought. Once I was on a plane, flying from MI to AZ with my 3 year old daughter. A terrible lightening storm took place and I was afraid we were going to crash. Suddenly I felt a peace (like it talks about in the Bible) and knew we were going down, but would be okay. Not alive, but okay.<br />
Sometime later, in a dream or what state I don't know, information came to me that the plane did indeed go down, and the I that was recognizing this, had perished. The little girl had survived. But I went on living on another plane, and it was all copesetic. The little girl went on to live a different life, yet I had this same little girl with me. This was so strange, I wondered if I was losing my mind. I don't think about this any more until I read your comments. Thanks for something to think about.

it sounds amazing. sorry if this comment is very late i havnt gotten on here in so long. but yes it helps thank you

inwonderland8, I wish I could help you out, but I too suffer sleepless nights due to thinking about the past and mistakes I've made. It's strange because I only really think like this at night, and have been doing so for at least a couple years now. <br />
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People often say to use the past as a learning experience for the future, as a means for personal growth. Although it helps sometimes for me, I still can't seem to stop dwelling on those things.<br />
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This may seem strange but in physics, there is an interpretation in quantum mechanics called the many worlds interpretation. Essentially this branch of quantum mechanics argues that to every decision you've come across, there are other "worlds" where you made a different choice (which applies to everything you've ever done - so practically an infinite number of worlds where everything in your life may be slightly tweaked). I know it sounds kinda sci-fi-ey, but it appears to be a legitimate interpretation (as of now, anyway).<br />
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The point of mentioning that is that sometimes it makes me feel better that somewhere in the fabric of reality, there is another me who made all of the right choices and is extremely happy. I am aware it sounds silly, and I don't know your scientific beliefs, but I'm only mentioning it because it has helped me and it may just help you (at least a little).