Careless Me

So got into this mood "not caring" about myself in this world
Thought I could pretend to be a ghost that didn't have to worry
About money and material riches
And I was wrong, because I am not Dead, yet...

My Husband, My Guide, my Master showed me a mirror image
He started to not care any more as well...
I felt it, I was horrified... My Pilot gone haywire
Because a plane took the pilot's position
Aiming for a crash...

So if I didn't care for myself,
Then I didn't care for Him...
I felt that I could lose all back up when I let Him crash and burn with me
No standing up again...

What was wrong with me?
He said: "I won't start caring again, until you start caring for a change!"
Now I felt stupid...
Without support, without protection I would be If I don't drop this reckless surrender.

Maybe I am just too lazy to work,
Too lazy to do God's work,
To do something Good for a humanity I have lost all hope in,
Saying to the war pilot, "**** this ****, I am not going into battle let's turn around, my country doesn't deserve any defending!!!"

Should I lose hope!
Should I have any hope at all for humanity?
Or should I just feel nothing at all?
And do it in anyway, after all "I am a war plane, made for this ****"

And I have a pilot that must steer me, I am just a machine here with an infiltrating purpose
Inception...The plane has no right to overwrite martial law, the marital contract.
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Feb 8, 2012