If You Could Taste My Heart It Would Be The Most Bitter Of Taste.

I have searched far and wide time and time again only to find pain in thee end. I have dated and loved but these expirences were short lived and would come to an abrupt end. Each time it hit me I was cautious at first but my feelings spread through me like wildfire and I was trapped in my silly desire. Me and mind would urge heart to stay at bay but it remained close and when it sensed love it mistaked it would stay. Heart had to much power and would affect our day, I wish I could banish him far away. I couldn't blame heart for jumping into things, it was always hurting and needed someone to care for it and drive away the stings.That they did drive away the stings but in the end there was no special rings. Just despair and a sense of impair. Still it is here it beats inside me not any colder a permanent vulnerabilty. Love and hate have grown inside of me, I know there are others who can relate.
La W9789
lanynj lanynj
Sep 19, 2012