This stupid acne medicine isn't working and the doctor told me it would help. I've done literally everything to try to get rid of this. I've done proactive, clean and clear, pills, drank only water, even put lemon on my skin. I've tried everything!!!!
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you should try eating healthy or ask your doctor accutane

Same here, I have tried everything but it won't go. It will go eventually though

Nothing worked for me when I was your age, either. In time it will go away.

There's nothing wrong with acne :)

I never really had it bad, but using medicine is the worst way. Just wash your face every day after you wake up and dry your face off whenever you swear a lot. The natural way is the best

I've done that for a year and nothing. It just seems to get worse

I have no clue then :/

Acutane, works, never got one in my life after

Sometimes hormones are gunna cause you to have acne no matter what you wash your face with. You're still young, so don't stress too much about it. Go to different demonologists to find one you like and make sure you're incorporating good diet and exercise for better results. Don't stress too much. Honestly, I don't even look at acne when I look at people. Attractive people are still attractive even if they have acne.