My Gift and Curse

Hi one of my gifts is to be able to see ghosts and help them,

But not all of them are good,some are really evil.that is what makes my situation all that worse.,some times I wake up in the night and a ghost is trying to starangle me,Its just unfair.

I mean I understand my gift and why I must use it for good I have helped many lost soles move on, Its just the bad ones, Once one of the evil ones hit me,dont ask me How cuz I have no Idea,and I had a bruze for a week,All I want to know is why???? Its not my folt they lost there life,.....Anyway If anyone has an answer to my question plese answer, and do you think I should keep helping them?? Its just If I dont help them while Im awake they come in my dream,Like last night 13/5/07 an old man that I bloked out in the day came in to my dream and told me to write to someone tomas on this web site and to tell him that he is ok and safe and at peace and to tell his daughter to let him go cuz hes at peace...

Anway whoever it is so sorry for your loss and....

Love and light Phoenix  xx

What should I do????

firebird firebird
18-21, F
1 Response May 14, 2007

WOW!! I personally think you should embrace this gift of yours, thats special! I think your pretty damn lucky, that is amazing!! Help them if thats what they want, why would you not if they are trying to hurt you becouse of it? So, are you a phsyic as well? have you been able to do this your whole life? Do you see spirits everywhere? This is really interesting to me... I would love to hear more! :)