Avoiding the Noid

They say ghosts are most active between the hours of 12 and 4 am and pm (the Witching Hour) so get out of the house at those times if your having problems.  Its also written if your troubled by a spirit to shake the dirt from your feet and leave. People in Pollynesia leave the lights on all night, (or torches) and don't go out after dark at all.  In early times people would frequently change camps to get away from them.

Theres a corrilation between underground running water, health problems and hauntings. 

Its good you can see them!  At least you know they're there.

They're weak compared to us so you don't have to be afraid, you have a spirit too, and its much stronger because its in a body,  that's why when they attack they seldom do much damage and vainly bang on things, dont let them distroy your sense of peace, thats how they worm there way in.  If a ghost attacks don't be afraid stand up for your self and get mad.  We look red when we get mad (so do they) and it scares them, project your emotion through your heart chakra to defend your self.

The girl with the ghost on her bed all the time, hes just trying to have sex, sex with ghosts is transubstantiation and its "Forbidden" though I don't know by whom... she should ask her ancestors for protection.  If a ghost does get some....

He can become more physical so be careful who you give that power to.  intercourse is anagram with resurrection.


MeadowDawn MeadowDawn
1 Response Mar 9, 2009

nice advise, i might have to use that. when my ghost use to bother me i would sleep with the light on, or i'd have to take sleeping pills just to fall asleep. but he hasn't bugged me anymore, he's still here though. anyways thanks for the advise.