I wish I didn't love him anymore because it only hurts that I do. I have known him for four years. He has been with me through the four hardest years of my life. I have been in and out of psych wards and he was always there. But I can't be with him. I am engaged to another man. And now every time I talk to him he hurts me. He says so many things that make me feel like ****. He started screaming at me when I told him I was engaged to Kevin. He scared me, so I lied to him about being pregnant so he'd stop yelling. He says he started smoking pot because of me. He says he won't date anyone else. He says he wants me. He won't accept that he can't have me. I want him as a friend, but all he thinks about is me as his girlfriend again and that hurts. It hurts that I can't talk to him without getting hurt anymore.

sweetie1989 sweetie1989
1 Response Mar 13, 2009

I wanted to post because I was exactly like that guy, and I wanted to tell you. He is only a victim of his own insecurities. Honestly trying to be friends with him is not the best right now. He feels that he stuck with you through all of your hard times, and that now something is owed to him. You owe him nothing. One day he will finally he to wake up and realize what he has done, and that he drove you away just as I did with my wife. Only then can you start thinking about being his friends. For now he needs space, and minimal to no contact with you. He has no one to be angry at but himself, and he knows that. He'll hopefully realize what he has done. Go on with your life, and be happy.