Girl meets boy.

Girl falls in love with boy. Boy leaves girl for ex-girl.

Girl and Boy stop talking.

Boy calls Girl. Boy invites Girl to do something special. Girl has sparkles in her eyes and fire in her heart for Boy. Boy tells Girl that Boy is with Girl's Best Friend. Girl is broken.

Girl moves on. Girl gets married. Girl has a daughter.

Girl's Best Friend leaves Boy.

Boy calls Girl. Asks Girl to be His Girl. Girl tells boy she never wants to speak to him, ever again, because it's too painful to love that which one cannot have.

Boy moves on. Boy gets married. Boy has daughter.

Girl emails Boy. A delicate dance of safe communication dotted with potentially-inappropriate confessions ensues.

It's been three years.

Girl loves Boy. Boy loves Girl.

Boy is still with Wife, Daughter.

Girl has New Boy now.

Boy will never know how much he means to Girl.

Girl will never know how much she means to Boy.

Life is full of choices, and sometimes love just doesn't work out...
DopeyGirl DopeyGirl
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