You Asked Me

You asked me if I loved you
came yes was my reply-
but with my tender heart I worry
about the tears in your eyes-
You asked me if I still wanted you
still desired your loving touch-
my reply was yes dear
you'll never know how much-
You asked me if I missed you
when you're not around-
and without hesitation I replied
my loneliness won't leave me alone-
You asked me if I could go on
if we should ever part-
my reply was to you
it would surely break my heart-
You asked me what I would do
if my love you betrayed-
I told you in a whisper
I'd just turn and walk away-
You asked me if I would believe
if other's told me lies-
I told you I'd find the truth
hiding in your eyes-
You asked me if I'd tell you
that I'd fallen out of love
with you-
with a nervous smile I replied
that's something I'd never do.

sweetnsassy27 sweetnsassy27
51-55, F
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

This is lovely well done

Thank You!!