Beauty Is A Burden

People tell me I'm beautiful all the time. Always. I think I'm pretty but nothing spectacular. I'm like 5'5'', 133 lbs, green eyes, short curly hair, DD boobs and really nice legs (my favorite part of my body since I like to run!). I don't look like a supermodel or actress or anything. But I do have an "hour glass" type figure since my chest is so big. I've had big breasts since I was 12 and it's been no fun. My back always hurts and men always stare and make lewd comments. I hate how they think they can leer at me; it's disgusting! I don't feel beautiful, I feel exposed and vulnerable. I hate how looks matter so much. I hate how women are so catty and mean. I can't help the way I look! I hate how guys don't even bother to get to know me and automatically assume that I'm an idiot. I hate how they treat me like I'm some prize to be won and not an actual person with feelings. I want to feel beautiful, wise, smart, tranquil. I want someone to see how lovely I am on the inside, how caring, creative, athletic and intelligent I am.

A male friend once asked me, "How did you get such a beautiful soul?"

It was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

**** physical beauty; see what's inside that makes someone beautiful.

I'm trying to emotionally and spiritually be beautiful so I can see myself how others perceive me.
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

People are disrespectful, I think that you should feel beautiful and if people make comments guys or girls you could say something. Girls are mean because of jealousy. They automatically feel threatened by your presence.