It sucks feeling like this. A lot of people tell me"oh you're so pretty and beautiful" and I honestly don't feel that way. I feel like my flaws override my looks and it makes me feel like **** because I don't think I'm beautiful. I feel like I'm just average or even just less than average. I just wish I could believe I was pretty and not have such a ****** self esteem..
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I totally feel you on this.

hurry up you will not be young and pretty for ever. one day you will be old and wrinkle and say to yourself wish i was young and beautiful again

It is not about looks sweetie. I fought that battle many years and lost. The first reality is that you must like yourself. No matter what anyone says or does to you, you are a beautiful creation and worth more that anyone who tries to make you feel bad.

Ya I get that.pretty ness sexy ness aren't looks its how u feel .find what u enjoy doing and do more of that