I'm Useless At Commenting On Others' Stories

I do wish i got more comments on my stories but I do get some. I love it when i get comments and always have to go and read them right away. I wish i could find the words to comment more on other people's stories but I am always afraid that I look like a moron and my comments are useless.

I do press the reccommend button when I really like a story.

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I think everyone likes to get comments, so I don't think any are useless, unless they are mean or intentionally hurtful, even something short and simple is cool, at least it shows you that someone took the time to read what you said, it's nice to know someone relates to you .

Hi bubbles. I get what you're saying, and I'd agree most of the time.. I think I was just reading a lot of very serious stories about abuse etc, and didn't want to comment if I had nothing helpful to say.. I used to put wayyy too much pressure on myself to say something helpful, or profound, and I'm not so bad like that now.

haha yes it did. ^.^ Well, BaskitCase.. the other wasn't available. I decided it sounded too negative, like a self insulting name.. so I changed it to TheLittlestHobo and started using a doggie for my avatar. lol. :p<br />
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I was reading a lot of very difficult experiences, traumatic stuff.. looking for something to say I'm not weird, lol.. finding lots of people clearly wishing for comments but it's awkward.. don't want to comment just for the sake of commenting. The sorts of stories I read back then that this partly refers to (and mostly in my 3rd comment) were often triggers for me and made me practically immobile really so I wasn't really able to make comments.

ur username used to b basketcase!i didn know that :) heh well u can read other ppl's stories n say ''nice story'' ,''thanku for sharing'' for example...nice story!:D

Sometimes- when i really like a story but i don't know what to say- i say exactly that *LOL* Sometimes, When they remind me of something I'll thank them for that, or share with them what that reminded of me.<br />
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It's heck sometimes, just not knowing what to say. :-P

What?? I don;t understand? What number?? Number of comments? Thanks!

I changed your number!!! i ejoy what you write hey we all love coments heres one for ya

Baskit: I know what you mean about the stories where people are crying out for help. I can really feel for them, but the only thing that seems to spring to mind to say is that "Oh, cheer up, it's not all that bad" - which is probably the last thing they want to hear! It gives me a better insight into why other people are full of such horrible advice when I'M depressed. It's not that people don't care, it's just that they don't know what to say.

Feel free to comment on my stories because I love getting comments just as much as you do! No comment is useless, they are all interesting to read.

It's worst when some one needs a comment. Like their really down and noone has commented and you look at the views and when it was written and you realise that this person's really gonna feel like noone's caring enough to respond but how can I comment if I'm a depressed f*** up? I can't answer someone's questions if they want to know why they should carry on fighting their own depression. That makes me feel like a really bad person. The guilt adds to my block, coz I definitely have a block as well as just not knowing how to give people the responses they need.

Push me button then Roscosan! :D <br />
Yeah I only shared this story coz I found the group in somone's experiences.<br />
I'm very happy to see it got a few comments.<br />
Thanks for that! :D<br />
Sometimes it's hard to be the male minority, alot of stories just makes me think "Yes, we do do that to you, dont we, aren't we awful bastards?" Or if someone young needs to know that it is possible to recover from a bad start in life, all I'm thinking is "Well , you don't want advice from a F*** Up like me" coz I am not a good example of someone getting back the life they should have had, or staying positive about it all. If they read my stories they might start to think they're doomed!<br />
It's also WHILE I'm commenting that I lose the internet connection the most. Don't know why. Gives me a chance to edit my comment I puppose. Maybe add another line (I'm doin it now, damn it). I usually give up and either lose the comment when I switch off or I write the whole thing out on paper after I've typed it once, so I can try again later. (It stil wont connect! Aargh!) Oh well.<br />
Don't feel you have to comment on this comment BTW. :D

I feel the same way basketcase.

*Lol* That's not useless, that's really helped cheer me up. Thanks! :D