I Cares Enough I Hope The Feel The Same(bribes Mé Enough)

I love myself,i love ny family,i love workin hard either ways i am Queen or King,when someone disregatds mé i cannot see Them twice or longer politeness,neither i wouldnt have times to be near Them anymore,thet scars and scares mé with their stupidity As Human being unless there is somethin more serious i would kill Them for justice and i wouldnt be near to they graves ,i Care less more lookin my own prises that is not snobbes that is Call i avoid As trouble seekers,i focus ón work not colours,those freak bastards greek italians just a whimp and ****** why they most get respects then true blocks work hard love family easy goin and kind hearted.

I love being my own,people so much talking ***** i am not depress or missundersrood,somerhings wrong with that whimp and ****** greeks italians they full on *****
Peachywiney Peachywiney
Dec 7, 2012