Should I Accept The Reality That I Can't Have A Best Friend?

You know how in teen movies, say, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - they portray female friendships as something that withstands growing apart and teenage problems? It may sound a bit cheesy but since I was young, I've always wished for a circle of best friends like that. As I grew older, I just wanted to find one person like those girls. Nowadays, I told myself that I can't wish for that certain kind of friendship - the genuine kind - because they're hard to find. But I can't help to wish that I had a best friend who I can go shopping with or IM everyday or eat outside with. I mentioned shopping because my mother is working overseas and ever since she left, I always felt that she was the only person who would be willing to do all the girly things with me, even if she liked doing it better than me. Anyways, I'm having trouble doing what she expects me to do - to find those people. I had one best friend when I was 13, but she ended up being part of another clique. Turns out, I was too boring for her. But I got over that eventually. It's only one person anyway. So this is my teenage story. :))))
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1 Response Apr 20, 2012

believe me, me too<br />
it's really hard for me to get a best friend, since i was kindergarten, my friends always bully me mentally... now, i just have a some best friend, most of them are from internet.... internet always be my world, because they accept me no matter how or who or what i am... don't worry... you're not alone...<br />
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